Sunday, March 21, 2010

"In da Club" Verse 2

My flow, my show brought me the dough
That bought me all my fancy things
My crib, my cars, my pools, my jewels
Look, nigga, I done came up and I ain’t changed

My cadence, my concerts—both earned me the substantial profits

Which I used to purchase all my expensive possessions.

My home, my automobiles, my swimming pools, my jewels...

Understand, friend: I have risen from anonymity while remaining fundamentally unchanged.

And you should love it, way more than you hate it
Nigga, you mad? I thought that you’d be happy I made it
I’m that cat by the bar toasting to the good life
You that faggot-ass nigga trying to pull me back, right?

And so you should love my popularity, far more than you hate said popularity.

African-American colleague, are you angry?

Personally, I thought you would have been pleased I found success.

I’m that nifty man at the bar counter toasting to the lifestyle of a spendthrift.

You’re that homosexually-ass├Ęd assailant trying to keep me from such decadence, correct?

When my joint get to pumpin’ in the club, it’s on
I wink my eye at your bitch, if she smiles, she’s gone
If the roof on fire, let the motherfucker burn
If you talking about money, homie, I ain’t concerned

When my song is played at the dancehall, get ready, all!

When I wink at your ladyfriend, if she smiles at me, she’s mine.

If the roof of the establishment is ablaze, simply let the mother-fornicator burn.

If you’re discussing money, associate, I am uninterested, (as I worry not about the issue)!

I’m a tell you what Banks told me: “Cuz, go ’head; switch the style up”
If the niggas hate then let ’em hate
And watch the money pile up
Or we go upside their head with a bottle of bub
They know where we fucking be

I shall tell you what hip hop emcee Christopher “Lloyd Banks” Lloyd told me:

“Cousin, feel free to change your cadence as you wish to.”

If naysayers are going to naysay, let them do so!

I shall watch my income continue to come in.

Or, an alternative option, we could smash our champagne bottles

Against the naysayers’ very heads.

They’re aware of where we are!

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