Friday, May 21, 2010

"California Love" Bridge

And then you shake—come on!

Shake, shake it, baby
Shake, shake it—shake it, baby!
Shake, shake it, mama
Shake it, Cali
Shake, shake it, baby (That’s right, uh)
Shake, shake it, baby, baby,

Shake, shake it, mama

Shake it, Cali

And then you shake—proceed!

Quake—quake it, dearest!

Agitate it further—wobble it, darling!

Jostle—jostle it, mother!

Set it aquiver, all Californians!

Waggle—waggle it, heartthrob! (That’s correct! Ugh!)

Jounce—jounce it, sweetheart—treasure!

Joggle—joggle it, mother!

Quake it, all Californians!

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