Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Can I Get a...?" Verse III: Ja Rule

It ain’t even a question
How my dough flows, I’m good to these bad hoes
Like my bush wet and undry like damp clothes
What y’all niggaz don’t know: it’s easy to pimp a hoe
Bitches better have my money fo sho

Before they go runnin they mouth, promotin how
I be diggin they back out, go ’head, let it out
I fucks wit’ my gat out, bounce and leave a hundred
Makin em feel slutted even if they don’t want it

It is not even possible to question the extent to which my money becomes available.

I treat these hard-hearted trollops well.

I prefer their pubic hairs be wet with vaginal lubrication,

Or, if you prefer, not dry, such as in the manner of damp clothing.

What you collected African-American males do not know

Is that brokering the sexual favors of women for profit is a simpleton’s task!

All I ask is that my prostitutes have my money for certain when I ask them for it,

Which is of greater importance than having them gossip

About how competently I thrust into them—go ahead, let the truth be known!

Yes, I do intercourse with my machine pistol in one hand

And always leave the women with 100 dollars U.S.

Which makes them feel as if they’re prostitutes even if they don’t wish to feel as such!

It’s been so long
Since I met a chick ain’t about chips but then I’m
Dead wrong, when I tell em be gone
So hold on to the feelin of flossin and platinum
’Cause from now on, you can witness Ja the icon
Wit’ hoodies and Timbs on, ’cause I thugs my bitches’
VV studs my bitches, then we rob bitch niggaz
I’m talkin bout straight figures: If you here, you wit’ us
If not, Boo, you know what, I still fucked you

It has been so long since I have encountered a fastfanny

Who is not money-oriented, but I do regret my mistake when I tell such a genuine woman to depart.

So, to you prostitutes who have known my employ,

Carry with you the feeling of flaunting your signs of wealth, especially the platinum jewelry.

Because from now on, you will be able to witness Ja—myself—idolized, everywhere,

Still wearing hooded sweatshirts and The Timberland Company-brand shoes with which I’m sure you’re familiar.

Because I am still very much personable and down to earth with my women.

And I also adorn my prostitutes with VVS diamond earrings, which are of choicest quality.

After that, my fellows and I burgle from effeminate men!

Do you understand me? I am discussing boundless amounts of wealth!

If you are currently present, then you are of our group;

If not, significant other, don’t you realize? I was still able to intercourse you.

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