Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Get Your Freak On” Verse I

Missy be puttin it down
I’m the hottest ’round
I told y’all mother—whoop
Y’all can’t stop me now
Hello there. My name is Melissa Arnette “Misdemeanor” Elliott.
I shall now explain myself.
I am the most desirable female emcee in the vicinity,
A fact that I previously told all of you mother—oh, oh!
All of you cannot stop me now!
Listen to me now
I’m lasting twenty rounds
And if you want me, nigga, then come on get me now
So lend me your ear, if you don’t mind.
In the manner of prizefighters, I am able to carry on for twenty rounds.
Furthermore, if you would like to have me, African-American male,
I encourage you to come forth and seize me presently!
Is you with me now?
Then Biggie-Biggie-bounce
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style
Holla! People sing a round
Now people gather round
Now people jump around
Are you able to keep up with me?
If so, jounce in the manner of
Christopher George Latore “The Notorious B.I.G” Wallace.
I know you appreciate the manner in which I diversify my cadence.
Bellow! Audience members, sing a round.
All of you gather around—all of you hop about!

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