Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Get Your Freak On” Verse II

Who’s that bitch?
People, you don’t know
Me and Timbaland been hot since twenty years ago
You may say of me, “Who is that fishwife?!”
However, none of you truly understand my innermost workings.
Record producer Timothy Zachary “Timbaland” Mosley and I
Have been worthy of your undivided attention for a very score of years!
What the dilly, yo?
Now what the drilly, yo
If you wanna battle then (nigga) let me know
What is the situation to which you refer?
(The same lyric in the “dun” language of East Coat hip hop slang. –Ed.)
If you wish to trade verbal ripostes with me, African-American male, 
Simply let me know.
Holla! Got the feeling, son
Let me throw you some
People, here I come
Now sweat me when I’m done
We got the radio shook like we got a gun
Bellow! You have the feeling, young man.
Let me hurl at you the ineffable quality of greatness to which I lay claim.
All of you, here I come!
Only worry about my actions when I’m through carrying them out!
Timbaland and I have the mainstream radio 
Quaking in fear at our impending takeover,
As if we were threatening it with a projectile-firing weapon!

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