Thursday, March 31, 2011

“Make Em Say Uhh!” Verse I: Master P

Nigga, I’m the colonel of the motherfuckin tank
Y’all after big thangs, we after big bank
Third Ward hustlas, soldiers in combats
We convicts and dealers, and killers with TRU tats
African-American male, I am the colonel
Operating this mother-loving armored fighting vehicle
You all are after exorbitant luxuries; we are interested only in fiscal accumulation.
You see, we are go-getters from the third of New Orleans’ seventeen wards;
We fight as soldiers in Army-issued combat fatigues.
We are convicted criminals, narcotics dealers, and murderers,
And we all have hip-hop group “The Real Untouchables” tattoos on our bodies.
Never gave a fuck bout no hoes on our riches
And niggas come short, I’m diggin ditches
M.P. pullin stripes, commander-in-chief
And fools run up wrong, nigga, I’m knockin out some teeth
I never cared about greedy strumpets after my riches,
Though if African-American males cannot pay their debts to me
I will kill them and organize their funeral services.
I, Percy Robert “Master P” Miller, have many military awards;
I am the commander-in-chief!
And if foolish young men approach me with disrespect, African-American male,
I will punch them with enough force to loosen their teeth!
I’m down here slangin, rollin with these hustlers
Tryin to get rid of all you haters and you bustas
Steppin on toes, break a nigga’s nose
In the projects, nigga, anything goes
I am down here proffering narcotics, riding in automobiles with other salesmen.
I am trying to rid myself of all of you naysayers and poseurs.
I am stepping on toes—figuratively and literally!—and in this vein,
I will also not hesitate to break an African-American male’s nose.
In the public housing projects, African-American male,
There exists no law of man.
Breakin fools off ’cause I’m a No Limit soldier
At ease, now. Salute this! Pass me the doja
I am murdering birdbrains because I represent No Limit Records.
At ease now, men. Salute this song and offer me the marijuana cigarette.

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