Thursday, March 31, 2011

“Make Em Say Uhh!” Verse IV: Mia X

We capitalize and monopolize on everything we see, keep pistols drawed
And cocked, we got the industry locked, we can’t be stopped, too hot
Check the spots that we got, on Billboard
This Tank can set up roadblocks, we fadin all you hoes
We capitalize on and monopolize everything we see; we keep our firearms drawn
And cocked. We have the industry under our control.
We cannot be stopped, for we are too fetching.
Examine the positions of our songs on the Billboard song popularity charts.
This No Limit Soldiers member, despite being female, can set up roadblocks.
We are murdering you whores.
Want some mo? Then let’s go, stretch you out like elastic
Zip that ass up in plastic, have ya folks pickin caskets
We drastic, our tactics is homegrown in the ghetto
So feel the wrath of this sista, it’s like you fightin ten niggas
Would you like some more? Then let us go!
I will stretch you out in the manner of elastic.
I will make sure you’re placed in a body bag;
I will make certain your parents have to select caskets for your funeral.
We are severe! Our tactics are self-developed in the slum.
So please, feel the wrath of this African-American woman.
Fighting me is similar to fighting ten African-American males.
Forget the baby boys, it’s the biggest mamma Mia
The Unlady Like diva, lyrical man-eater, believe her
Or see her, and get that ass embarrassed
If you’re a decision maker, guaranteed you’ll get carried away
Forget about all the childish males; I am the largest mother Mia “X” Young.
I am an unladylike (much like my 1997 album Unlady Like) prima donna.
I lyrically best my male opponents—believe her (me)!
Or see her (me), and your whole self will be made embarrassed.
If you’re a decision-maker, I guarantee you will become hysterical.
So stay in yo’ place, when ya hear Mamma speakin
Cannon spray, clear the way, when ya see the Tank creepin
So please remain where you are when you hear Mother speaking.
The emblematic No Limit tank figuratively sprays rounds—
Please clear the way when you see the Tank approaching.

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