Sunday, July 17, 2011

“How Many Licks” Verse II

This verse goes out to my niggas in jail
Beatin they dicks to the XXL, magazine
You like how I look in the aqua green? Get your Vaseline
Roll some weed with some tissue and close your eyes
Then imagine your tongue in between my thighs
[moan] Baby, ohh…yes ohh!
Jailer, open up, cell block eight
This second verse is dedicated to my imprisoned African-American males,
Who are masturbating to Harris Publications’ XXL hip-hop magazine cover image
Of myself nude in a bubbly bath with aqua-green–colored hair.
Do you enjoy that image, you criminals?
If so, masturbate with the assistance of Unilever’s Vaseline-brand petroleum jelly.
Use the tissue paper found in your jailcell to roll a marijuana cigarette,
Then close your eyes and imagine your tongue in between my thighs 
(Upon my labia).
[moan] Babe, ohh! Yes! Ohh!
Jailer, please open up cell block eight!
[satisfactory sounds]
Alright, nigga, that’s enough
Stop, look and listen; get back to your position
Kim got your dick hard, startin fights in the yard
Hotter than a Pop-Tart fresh out of the toaster
Niggas do anything for a Lil’ Kim poster
Esés, Bloods, Crips, all the thugs
Up north in the hole, they all wanna know
All right, African-American male, that will be quite enough!
Stop, look, and listen; get back into your position.
Little Kim—myself—has made your penis erect
To the point that you are starting skirmishes in the jailyard.
I am hotter than a Kellogg Company Pop-Tarts–brand toaster pastry
Freshly emerging from a toaster oven.
African-American males will do anything just to obtain a Little Kim poster.
Latin Sureño gangsters, as well as rival Bloods and Crips gangsters,
And to those up north in solitary confinement
—All of these bejailed men wish to know…

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