Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Oh Boy” Verse I: Cam’ron

All the girls see the (boy). Look at his kicks (boy)
Look at his car (boy). All I say is (Oh boy)
Look, mommy, I’m no good, I’m so hood
Clap at your soldiers sober, then leave after it’s over, killa
All of the gentlewomen see the lad. Gaze upon his wing-tips, lad.
Gaze upon his automobile, lad. The only response I verbalize is, “Oh! lad!”
Understand, m’lady, I am immoral—I’m so reprehensible!
I will fire upon your toughs whilst unintoxicated,
Upon which time I will exit the premises.
In other news, one of my bynames is Killa.
I’m not your companion or your man standin
Yo, hit me when you wanna get rammed in, I’ll be scramblin
With lots of mobsters, shop for lobsters
Cops and robbers, listen, every block is blocka (Blocka!)
Understand, snaggletooth, that I am neither your companion nor your best beau.
Telephone me when you’re prepared to be penetrated.
I shall be committing certain deeds with my racketeer friends.
We have the ability to afford lobster dinners!
We are burglars in a war with policemen;
Listen! Every neighborhood we invade explodes with gunfire.
But she like the way I diddy bop, you peeped that?
Mink on, Mauri kicks, plus Chanel ski hat
She want the (boy), so I give her the (boy)
Now she screamin out (boy, boy, boy, boy)
But she enjoys the way I grandstand—did you not see that?
I wear a mink stole, Italian-made Mauri-brand footwear,
As well as a French-made Chanel S.A.-brand skiing tam.
This anonymous woman wants the lad, so I give her the lad.
Now she is screaming in ecstasy: lad! lad! lad! lad!
Now she playin with herself, Cam dig it out, lift her up
Ma, it’s just a fuck. Girl, get it out, pick on up
They want the boy, Montana with guns with bandanas
Listen to my homeboy Santana
And now she is masturbating. Cam—myself, Cameron Giles
Laps at her fundament, then raises her hindquarters
Miss, this is merely intercourse. Miss! Remove your petticoat and prepare yourself.
All of the women want the lad. I am Antonio “Tony” Raimundo Montana,
The eponymous character in Brian De Palma’s film Scarface
I am Tony and I have firearms and am wearing bandanas,
The headgear of my hip-hop group The Diplomats.
Now, please let me introduce my friend LaRon Louis “Juelz Santana” James,
Whom you should lend an ear to posthaste.

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