Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Oh Boy” Verse III: Cam’ron

When he got caught with the (boy) we went to court for the (boy)
Just me and my (boy) and we sayin (Oh boy)
Be on the block with my (boy) with the rock or the (boy)
When the cops come…Squalie!
When my pal was caught with cocaine in his possession,
My group and I went to court to fight for our lad.
It was just my (lad) and I and we were singing, “Oh, lad!”
I routinely sell narcotics in my favorite neighborhoods, lad.
I sell freebase crack cocaine or regular cocaine.
However, when the policemen arrive to interrupt my dealings,
I yell, “Squalie!,” insider code among my posse that alerts all present to run away.
Yeah, this is for the sports cars, bonitas, Jimmy’s,
PJ’s, old school, eighteenth at the sports bar
Eight or nine on the (boy) holla at your boy
Yes, this song is dedicated to high-speed automobiles,
Luscious Latina chippies, Brother Jimmy’s Barbecue restaurant,
PJ’s Bar and Lounge in my hometown Harlem.
And also to old school hip-hop music, and other sundry public houses
The lad is always seen with excessively attractive henhussies.
Shout positively in the direction of your lad!
Killa. Holla. Listen,
It’s the D-I-P (boy) plus the R-O-C (boy)
You’ll be D-O-A (boy), your moms will say (Oh boy)
Again, my nickname is “Killa,” and I represent that moniker.
Now please listen: We’re Harlem-based hip-hop group The Diplomats, lad,
Who is also affiliated with Roc-A-Fella Records, lad.
You will be dead on arrival, lad.
Your mothers will be exasperated with distress, wailing “Oh, lad!”
Shit, ain’t no stoppin ’em. Guns, we got a lot of ’em
Matter fact, Guru, start poppin ’em
Then slap up his (boy) clap up his (boy)
Wrap up his (boy) get them gats (Oh boy)
Diplomats are them (boy) for the girls and the (boy)
Say (boy, boy, boy, boy)
Excrement, there is not any stopping us. Firearms? Why yes, we have many.
As a matter of fact, producer Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton, start firing away!
Then slap up his lad; clap up his lad!
After you’ve murdered him, wrap him as a very Egyptian mummy, lad!
At that point, pilfer his handgun—oh, lad!
The Diplomats are the victors, lad. Fun for both ladies and lads.
Say, “Lad, lad, lad, lad!”

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