Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Stay Fly" Verse I

They call me the juice and you know I’m-a stunt
Riding in the car with some bump in the trunk
Tone in my lap and you know it’s a pump
Breaking down the good weed, rolling the blunt

They address me as exceptional and you know I will act with pomp and flourish!

I operate my automobile with bass woofers throbbing severely from the trunk.

I have a large firearm resting in my lap and you’re certain it has pump-action capabilities.

I’m preparing marijuana and rolling it into a cigar.

Ghetto-pimp type, girls say I’m the man

Ice on the wrist with the ice in the chains
Riding through the hood got me gripping the grain
And I’m sipping the same while I’m changing the lanes

I am a man much like an impoverished whoremonger;

Females of my peerage consider me very much in control.

My wrists are adorned with gem-encrusted bracelets

—with diamonds within their very framework!

I am driving through the disadvantaged urban area whilst holding my wood-grain steering wheel

Imbibing pure grain alcohol while changing highway lanes.

Eyes real tight cause I’m choking the creep
Vision messed up ’cause I’m drinking the Lean
Messing with the D-boys, riding them big toys
Make your main gal wanna get on my team

My eyes are closed very tightly

Because I’m gasping for breath due to the slow-acting marijuana earlier rolled.

I cannot see because I’m drinking

A mixture of promethazine, codeine, and Sprite-brand flavored soda water.

I’m hoodwinking authority figures,

Driving on my assortment of vehicles modified with after-market parts!

All of which serves to make your foremost doxy want to associate with me.

She gotta give it up ’fore she get in my car
I ain’t Denzel but I know I’m-a star
’Cause when I’m in the club I be back in the far

In the VIP part, and we buying the bar

I have but one rule: your lady must intercourse me before entering my automobile.

I am not African-American actor Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr., but my celebrity precedes me.

When I visit the local nightclub, I position myself far away

In the section reserved for very important people, and we’re having every alcoholic beverage available.

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