Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Stay Fly" Verse V

Front row, full of that dro
Leave the club full of Rosé Mo’
Your girlfriend wanna ride with me
In the car with a pimp where she supposed to be

When I’m performing in concert,

I often smell the front row stinking of hydroponically-grown marijuana

I leave the venue inebriated by copious amounts of Moët et Chandon-brand Rosé champagne.

Your sweetheart wants to ride with me

In the automobile with a whoremonger—where she ought to be!

You ain’t met no dudes spitting cold as me
With a bag of kush that cost six-fifty
Have a nigga who smoke Reggie Miller
Coughing and choking constantly

You’ve never met anyone talking as eloquently as me!

You see, I have a plastic baggie of high-grade marijuana that cost $650,

As opposed to the user who smokes very low-grade marijuana

And who simply coughs and chokes all of the time!

Tastes like fruit when you hit it
Gotta have bread to get it
Smoke all night, sleep all day
That’s to me the American way

My marijuana (how I go on about it!) is very pleasing to my taste buds when inhaled,

But a man must have substantial monies to obtain such a delicious delicacy!

I smoke my marijuana through the nocturnal hours, and then sleep during daylight.

To me, that’s a life lived in the idealized abstraction of the American way.

Roll that shit, light that shit,

Hit that shit, hold that shit,

Blow that shit out slow
Then pass it to me, bro

Roll that marijuana into a cigar, ignite the tip of it, inhale it, and hold it within your lungs.

Then exhale the smoke slowly. Finally, please hand me the cigar so that I may partake as well.

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