Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Stay Fly" Verse VI

MJ fittin’ to sprinkle in some of that

Super incredible, have a nigga running back
Where the nigga with the good sticky number at?
Cutting through the cigarillo like a lumberjack

MJ (that is, myself, in short form—Marlon Jermaine Goodwin) is eager to lace

That cigar with some extremely high-grade marijuana

—The likes of which will have any smoker hastening back!

Where’s the man with the resinous marijuana cigarette?

In preparation, I’m cutting through a cigarillo like a lumberjack.

In the morning, what I need is to breathe again a whole lot of weed
Well, I need somebody to give me what I need when I want: no less than the best of the trees
DJ Paul and Juicy J, 8-ball and MJG, and Young Buck, we don’t give a fuck
We must represent this Tennessee

When I wake, what I most require is to inhale even more marijuana.

I need someone to give me what I require when I desire no less than the finest marijuana.

Paul “DJ Paul” Beauregard and Jordan Michael “Juicy J” Houston,

Premro “8-ball” Smith and myself, and also David Darnell “Young Buck” Brown

—We all of us are entirely apathetic.

We must stand as a physical representation of our home state Tennessee.

We drink a whole lot of Hennessey
Now nigga got a little hair on his chest
And we like Bill Clinton—girl, take it out your mouth
We’ll shoot it right there on your chest

We drink a great quantity of Jas Hennessey & Co.-brand French cognac.

At this point, that African-American man is showing the signs of pubescence.

We are very much like 42nd American president William Jefferson Clinton

—Roundheel, cease fellating us so that we may ejaculate upon your breasts.

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