Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Stay Fly" Verse III

Puff, puff, pass, nigga, roll that blunt
Let’s get high, nigga, smoke us one
Car pull out: the Phantom
Niggas can’t stand it but them hoes gonna come out

Puff, puff, then pass that marijuana cigar—compatriot, roll another!

Let’s become intoxicated from all these marijuana cigars—light up yet another!

I drive a very exclusive 1980 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI.

Male onlookers are driven mad with envy, but fancy women come running.

Just really wanna smoke my weed
Fuck these hoes and stack my G’s
Stop at the light and pause on three
Hit the mall and it be all on me

My main desires are to continue enjoying my marijuana,

To intercourse bawds, and to enumerate my thousands.

Halt at the stoplight and count for three seconds.

When we go to the marketplace, I shall pay for anything purchased.

But gotta keep one eye out for the po-po
Close the window when I roll the indo
Know they mad ’cause I’m rolling Benzo
It’s that purple, not pretendo

I always have to keep one eye peeled for policemen.

I shut my window when I smoke my crossbred Indonesian indica-and-sativa marijuana.

I know my envious onlookers are angry because I operate a Mercedes-Benz.

My marijuana is potent—not weak!

Three 6 Mafia, they my kinfolk
So when I’m in Memphis, Ten-a-key
I just might not bring my own
’Cause them niggas still let me smoke for free

Three-6 Mafia, they are my kith and kin.

When I visit Memphis, Tennessee (purchasing a kilo of narcotics for $10,000),

I might not even bring my own narcotics

Because those friendly fellows share theirs with me!

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