Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Stay Fly" Verse II

DJ Paul is a dog, one you do not trust
You leave your green around me, nigga, your green gonna get lit up
You leave your drink around me, believe your drink gonna get drunk up
You leave your girl around me and she bet she gonna get stuffed

DJ Paul (myself) is a cad, one you’d be foolish to trust.

If you leave your marijuana in my vicinity, African-American stranger,

Then I am going to smoke your marijuana without your permission!

If you leave your alcoholic beverage near me,

You would be wise to realize I have no qualms about drinking it as well!

Finally, if you leave your ladyfriend around me, I will certainly roger her!

These niggas despise, we living them lives, we keep them lives tight
Buy and ride what they like
Make a couple of nuns a couple of dykes
It’s purple-purp-purple-purp-purple, and swallow it down
With the yurple-yip-yurple-yip-yurple
It’s going down!

These antagonists despise us—we are living the lives they wished they lived,

And we live those desired lives well.

We purchase and drive around in the cars our antagonists wished they owned.

Our virility is so great that we can turn very nuns into lesbians!

We smoke extremely potent, purple-hued marijuana, and follow that

With cough syrup ingested recreationally.

Something is occurring at this moment!

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