Friday, November 5, 2010

“Get Low” Verse I

Shorty crunk, so fresh, so clean,
Can she fuck? That question been harassin me
In the mind. This bitch is fine
I done came to the club ’bout 50 million times
Now can I play with yo’ panty line?
The club owner say I need to calm down
Security guard gonna sweat me now
Nigga drunk than a motherfucker, threaten me now
The short woman is inebriated, though still hygienic and aromatic.
Is she able to intercourse? That is the question that has been harassing my mind!
This shrew is quite attractive indeed!
I have come to this nightclub myriad times.
Now, miss, may I let my fingers fondle your undergarments?
The owner of the establishment tells me to calm myself.
And now the security guard too is badgering me.
This African-American male is more intoxicated
Than a mother-lover—I dare you to threaten me now!
She gettin crunk in the club, I mean she work it
And then I like to see the females twerking
Taking her clothes off, buckey naked
ATL, ho, don’t disrespect it
P-pop your pussy like this
’Cause Ying Yang Twins in this B-I-itch
The strumpet is growing even more inebriated than previously
What I’m trying to say is that she is dancing with every abandon.
May I add that I enjoy especially watching her derrière wiggle and roll?
The effect of which has her disrobing—until she’s nude in the utmost!
I am from Atlanta, whore—do not disrespect the fact.
Instead, lower your torso and raise high your rump.
Because the rap duo Ying Yang Twins—my partner and I—
Are in this harpy (nightclub).
Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz with me
And we all like to see ass and titties
Now bring yo’ ass over here, ho
And let me see you get low if you want this thug
Now take it to the floor, and if your ass want to act
Then you can keep your ass where you’re at
Emcee and pornographer Jonathan Mortimer “Lil Jon” Smith 
And his gaggle of Eastside Boys are carousing alongside me,
And all of us take pleasure in bottoms and busts.
Now please carry your bottom to me, fallen woman,
And allow me to witness you dancing hunched over,
If you would like to earn the favor of this rowdy!
Now lower yourself until you are straddling the floor.
Also, let me add that if you wish to pretend disinterest,
You can merely stand back, for your services are unwanted!

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