Friday, November 5, 2010

“Get Low” “Verse” II

Let me see you get low—you scared, you scared!
Drop that ass to the floor—you scared, you scared!
Allow me to watch you lower yourself! You’re frightened! You’re frightened! 
Lower your whole bottom to the floor area! You’re upset! You’re upset! (Do not be!)
Drop that ass (Hey!), shake it fast (Hey!)
Pop that ass to the left and the right (Hey!)
Lower your bottom (Hello!) Waggle it quickly (Hell-o!)
Wiggle and roll that bottom first to the left and then to the right! (Hi there!)
Now back (Ah!), back, back it up (Ah!)
Now reverse, (Ahh!) reverse, reverse that bottom! (Ahh!)
Now stop! (Oh!) Then wiggle with it! (Yeah!)
Halt! (O!) Now wiggle your bottom! (Yes!)

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