Friday, November 5, 2010

“Get Low” Verse III

Now give me my dough back and go get your friend
Stupid bitch standing there while I’m drinking my Hen
Steady looking at me still asking questions
Time’s up, nigga, pass me another contestant
Mistress, return my monies and bring me your colleague.
That half-witted trollop is simply standing there,
As I drink my Jas Hennessy & Co.–brand cognac,
Staring at me and continuing to ask questions.
However, your time is up, African American woman;
In your stead I’ll enjoy another damsel.
Ho, move to the left if you ain’t ’bout 50
Done talked through three or four songs already
Looking at a nigga with your palm out
Bitch, I ain’t even seen you dance!
Harlot, progress past me if you don’t cost approximately fifty U.S. dollars
You have already misused my time already,
By jabbering through three or four songs I’d prefer to dance to!
You are looking at an African-American male with your palm raised.
Lowgap, I have not even seen prance!
Twerk something, baby, work something, baby
Pop your pussy on the pole, do your thang, baby
Slide down that bitch a little bit then stop
Get back on the floor, catch your balance then drop
Massage my loins with your ample posterior
—A command so worthy to be heard I’ll voice it twice!
Burnish that pole with your feminine parts
—Carry out whatever movements of which you’re most proficient.
Slide down that pole slightly, then surcease.
Return to the dancefloor, retain your equilibrium, then cease again!
Now bring it back up, clap your ass like hands
I just wanna see your ass dirty dance
Ying Yang, we done done it again
And put it on the map like [inexplicable noise]
At this point, re-raise your fundament,
And “clap” its bifurcated cheeks as you might your hands.
All I wish is to see your bum dance of its own accord.
We, the Ying Yang Twins—Eric “Kaine” Jackson and De’Angelo “D-Roc” Holmes—
We have done it again!
We have made this locality famous in the manner of [incomprehensible].

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