Sunday, February 14, 2010

Soulja Boy "Crank That" Verse 1

Soulja Boy up in this ho, watch me lean and watch me rock

Superman that ho, then watch me crank that Robocop
Superfresh, now watch me jock, jockin’ on them haters, man
When I do that Soulja Boy, I lean to the left and crank that thang


I, Soldiering Lad, am in the neighborhood. Watch me lean my body and jostle it jauntily.

I playact as if I’m Superman, and then Paul Verhoeven’s cinematic cyborg Robocop.

I am dressed in the most fashionable and expensive clothing items.

Watch me harass my antagonists by pretending to adore and mimic them.

When I do my titular dance, I lean to the left and move about, generally.


I, Soldiering Lad, am again in this doxy’s vagina.

Please gaze upon me as I lean and thrust.

I ejaculate on the woman’s back, then ejaculate again into a bucket, which I place on her head.

I am freshly bathed. Focus again as I intercourse this woman

[lyric defies reasonable translation]

When I intercourse in the manner of a soldiering lad,

I lean to the left while penetrating and thrust authoritatively

Now you! I’m jockin’ on yo’ bitch ass

And if we get to fightin’, then I’m cockin’ on yo’ bitch ass

You catch me at yo’ local party—yes, I crank it every day
Haters gettin’ mad ’cause I got me some Bathing Apes


Now you, merry fop! I’m drawing extra attention to your tawdry character

(So that others may also see what a low specimen you are).

And if you choose to engage in fisticuffs with me, due to my instigation,

I shall aim my gun at your unappealing hind end.

I certainly will attend your local box social—why yes! I do in fact dance every day!

My enemies are quick to anger because I wear A Bathing Ape-brand tennis shoes.


Now you, ma’am! I continue to have sex with you, possibly in your fundament.

And if we begin fighting, then I will still intercourse you, battle or no.

I shall attend your local box social—why yes, I do intercourse daily!

Other suitors bridle because my footwear is more fashionable than theirs!

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