Monday, February 8, 2010

T.I. “What You Know” Verse 1

See me in your city, sittin’ pretty, know I’m shinin’, dog
Ridin’ wid a couple Latin broads and a China doll,
And you know how we ball, ridin’ in shiny car
Walk in designer mall, buy everything he saw
You know about me, dog; ’on’t talk about me, dog
And if you doubt me, dog, you’d better out me, dog


Gaze upon me looking dapper as I enter your municipality

And know that I am indeed doing as well as I appear to be, canine

Cause be that I am riding alongside two Latin-American fastfannies

As well as an adorable Oriental bawd

And certainly you’re aware of how I and my colleagues express our decadence

Driving in automobiles polished exquisitely,

We stride into high-end consumer boutiques,

And he (myself in the third person, naturally) purchased everything he witnessed

You’re aware of my reputation, cur; therefore I beseech you not to discuss me, cur

And should you find cause to doubt my statements, cur

Then you would be wise to vacate my immediate presence, cur!

I’m throwed off slightly, bro; don’t wanna fight me, bro
I’m fast as lightning, bro; you better use your Nikes, bro
Know you don’t like me ’cause your bitch most likely does
She see me on them dubs in front of every club
I be on dro, I’m buzzed. Gave every ho a hug
Niggaz, don
’t show me mugs, ’cause you don’t know me, cuz

I must admit I’m slightly inebriated, brother, but I strongly urge you not to tussle with me

I am fast as one of Zeus’ heaven-borne bolts!

You’d be wise to don a pair of athletic training sneakers and flee!

I understand that you do not care for me because your lady is quite certainly attracted to me

She saw me in my automobile with modified twenty-inch wheels

Parked outside of every nightclub

As of now, I’m intoxicated through hydroponically-grown marijuana usage

Causing me to embrace every prostitute within range

African-American males, please keep your grimaces to yourself

You simply are not aware of the scope of my personality, false friend!

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