Sunday, February 14, 2010

Soulja Boy "Crank That" Verse 2

I’m bouncin’ on my toe, watch me supersoak that ho
I’m-a pass it to Arab, and he gon’ pass it to Don’Loc

b only.

The effort of continuous thrusting has me on the balls of my feet.

Now pay attention as I ejaculate on that prostitute’s very countenance.

When I finish, I shall allow my emcee-colleague Arab,

To ejaculate upon this fallen woman's face as well, before directing the disoriented strumpet

To our mutual friend Don’Loc, who will ejaculate in similar fashion yet again.

Haterz wanna be me. Soulja Boy, I’m the man
They be lookin’ at my neck, sayin’ it’s the Rubberband Man
Watch me do it, watch me do it. Dance, dance.
Let get to it, let get to it

a only.

Those who despise me only do so because they envy me.

Soldiering Lad, I am the greatest of males!

They gaze upon my neck, and the jewelry thereupon

Noticing the spoils of my successful narcotics bartering

Watch as I impress you—watch as I impress you! I dance, I dance.

Let us dance, let us dance!

Nope! You can’t do it like me, ho! So don’t do it like me, folk!
I see you try’n-a do it like me. Man, that shit was ugly

a only.

No, you ladylike manchild! You cannot dance with the grace and skill I possess,

So do not attempt to do so—all of you!

I witnessed your attempt to dance as I did.

Ha ha! That balderdash was repulsive!

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