Friday, August 13, 2010

"Lollipop" Intro & Chorus

I say, “He so sweet,” make her wanna lick the (w)rapper
So I let her lick the (w)rapper

I love to befuddle ladies of my peerage by claiming the succulence of myself,

As if I were a candied bar!

In this subterfuge I succeed in exciting her—the collective woman—libido

To the point wherein she would like to lick me

—Both me as the emcee, or “rapper,” as it were, and the sweetmeat’s wax paper sheath!

She, she lick me like a lollipop (4x)

She—she licked me like a sticky-pop! (repeated as a quatrain)

Shawty want a thug, bottles in the club

Shawty wanna hump, you know I’d like to touch

Your lovely lady lumps

This Venus prefers a delinquent,

Specifically one who is able to purchase varieties of liquor at the nearest nightclub.

This enchantress wants in fact to copulate,

And I’m sure you’re aware, madam, of my self-evident interest

In caressing your bosom and derrière.

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