Friday, August 13, 2010

"Lollipop" Part III

After you back it up, then stop

Drop it, shawty. Drop it like it’s hot

Drop it like it’s hot. Do, do, do it, shawty

Don’t stop

Subsequent to retreating your posterior into my loins, halt!

Lower your haunches down to the landing, as if those haunches were afire!

Go ahead! Lower your haunches! Do as I say! Do it! Do it, dreamboat!

Do not surcease!

Shawty said the nigga that she with ain’t shit
Shawty said the nigga that she with ain’t this
Shawty said the nigga that she with can’t hit
But shawty, I’m-a hit it, hit it like I can’t miss

This Aphrodite told me her African-American beau is not up to par;

In fact, she told me various failings of her sweetheart.

To wit: She told me her partner, during coitus, thrusts feebly.

I responded, “But seductress, I will thrust within you mannishly, as if I knew no other way!”

And he can’t do this, and he don’t do that

Shawty need a refund, need to bring that nigga back
Just like a refund, I make her bring that ass back

And she bring that ass back

Because I like that

Well, she continued to outline his faults,

And I thought: This beauty needs a refund

On the “purchase” of this African-American boyfriend!

Similarly, precisely as a refund, I often coerce her to “return” her rump to my genitals

Because I enjoy that sensation, obviously.

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